I’ve been a gardener for 30 years, and have eaten food for 51 (haha!). In the past I’ve done cooking demos  Farmers’ Markets, taught kids and adults gardening and nutrition, and held Cook Days at my homes to teach my friends how to make new dishes while our kids played outside. I’ve also been both a WIC and EBT recipient, and honed my budgeting and meal planning skills so that I could continue to produce healthy meals for my family on a limited income.  I parlayed that experience and my passion for sharing good food into a successful stint as a Culinary Educator, and have been featured in NPR:The Salt, Essence magazine and the Washington Post.  I was recognized for my efforts in combating both food insecurities and food deserts, as an innovator and savior in her space.

If I were a vegetable, I’d be a tomato, because I like to live “juicy,” that is, I love to soak up the sun and most folks are happy to see me arrive because I give good “flavor” to the scene.  Ok, technically, a tomato is not a vegetable, so if I have to choose a real one, I’d be Kale because I have a “crunchy” vibe. Summer is definitely my favorite season for produce due to the abundance of tomatoes, squash, luscious fruit, and yum, peaches, the best food in the world.

I’m happiest puttering around in my garden, growing beautiful flowers and vegetables that feed both my body and soul.  One of my favorite pursuits is going to “Dooky Mountain”, the local stable, for aged manure.  I love to create spaces where folks feel welcome, well fed and relaxed.